08 March 2007

Craigslist + Ten Thousand Waves

First things First

We had this whole then no sound style sheet worked out in our head last year, but we'd obviously forgotten it. Then no sound style, we thought, would use headlines. And the first person plural. Well, we'll see.

Ten Thousand Waves is a Creepy, Creepy Place

From craigslist santa fe:

Rubbed your feet and thigh at Thousand Waves - 48

Reply to: pers-266954653@craigslist.org
Date: 2007-01-22, 9:53PM MST

You were in the hot tub with hubby, great face and D cups. You sat next to me and I massaged your thigh, rubbed your butt. You wound up rubbing your tits in your hubbys face and massaged his member under the water. Thought I didn't notice did'nt you. I'd like to have dinner or have you for dinner- your choice.
Contact me!

Location: Santa Fe motel

Uhm... We went to Ten Thousand Waves last year with the girlfriend, who might I add paid for the whole thing, and we opted for the private tub, which was really nice and relaxing, smelling the experience did like cedar and nature and satisfaction. We couldn't imagine being in the public tub. Well, we could. And that there ad above is exactly how we imagine it. This point has been put better and made often, but fat old people and public nudity don't mix. They don't mix! Fat old people and offers of cunnilingus? That's just. Fucking. Disgusting.