27 September 2008

Some e cards from a silver jew

Some e cards from a Silver Jew is a great new tumblr log. The premise of the site is contained in its title.

23 September 2008

Glenn Gould - Aria, Goldberg Variations (1955)

This, and the beginning of the Quartet for the End of Time, are the only pieces of music that I can perfectly picture inbetween my ears at any given time. The tone and the stately rise and fall of the keys hit like intermittent rain.

An added bonus (as if it needed a bonus) of listening to the Golberg Variations is that it always makes me remember the Goldbug Variations's strangely luscious-if-intellectualized love between Jan and the Todder.

26 August 2008

B. Michael's Notebook Miscellany

Hey guys and girls,

We see that this site still gets some traffic, so we want to remind you that we're blogging about music, literature, philosophy, and ourself over at B. Michael's Notebook Miscellany, on tumblr. So please click on over there, and take care.

Then No Sound

30 June 2008

B. Michael's Notebook Miscellany

If you're interested in reading anything else by me, then I advise you to go here, which is where I'm posting now.

I stopped using Blogger because the links and photos functions were all wonky. (Although, this issue looks fixed now; ironic.)