22 June 2006

Klosterman redux / One Percent Doctrine

A few days ago I had a post on Chuck Klosterman (pictured right, looking something like a tool). Well: I found this interview today and I found out that his birthday and my birthday are on the same day. He is astounded by Wikipedia. I am, too. He remains interesting to me even when he's not writing about esoteric basketball statistics from the 1970's or composing a diachronic genealogy of metal. Writers and their observations.
You just had a birthday, didn't you?

I did—June 5th. How did you know that?


That's something I'm kind of obsessed with at the moment. The thing that I want to find out is who's doing the entry for butter. There's an entry for butter! What would motivate someone to do that? There's an entry for waffles; I cannot fathom what that person's motive is. And it's good—it's got the history of waffles! It's amazing to me!