20 June 2006

Pitchforkmedia addendum

Read the below post. I finally found something that is pretty eyebrow raising. It was nestled in Pitchfork's Top 100 Albums of the 90s feature. I understand the overblown prose; (I'm tempted to name-drop Kant and his three main questions of philosophy.) it is hard to describe a [virtual] God and holy moment. But still,
My beleaguered "generation" and I may attempt to protect ourselves from emotional harm (and our grim inheritance) by stockpiling absurdities, but we will probably still go prostrate during a moment of disarming simplicity, pathetic mortality, or genuine romance. I See a Darkness is rife with such moments (though the exultant finale of "Nomadic Revelry" defies categorization).

that diction is a little excessive. Trying a little too hard?