08 August 2006

The Experience Machine + Descartes

I love the word 'parlay'.

This morning I was riding my bike to work. As I was high on sanctimony, looking at unwashed, smog-dogged autos, I realized I could parlay the Experience Machine (EM) for my Wittgenstein project. That is, hook up Descartes and Wittgenstein with the EM in order to talk about epistemology, ethics and Lebensform.

In the EM there are no ethical ramifications to having no emissions standards. I could drive a fucking Hummer. Could I? If everything were exactly the same then wouldn't I think, maybe, that I shouldn't be driving a Hummer? I should like to parlay an answer, but does a second-order reality really elude the problems of a first-order reality: I think not. [Descartes disappears.] I need to find the hinge.