04 August 2006

Temptation + Dead Rockers

I think yesterday constitutes my resolve's failure. I'm tempted to write about music and literature since those are the things on which I spend most of my time. Yesterday I wrote about Mel Gibson, a man whose descent boasts a celerity heretofore unknown in Christendom. What an ass. But I tried vainly to couch my inane commentary in ethical terms. (I still think everyone's a racist.)

Well, I tried. Yesterday, Love's Arthur Lee (pictured above) died from acute lymphoblastic leukemia at the age of 61. I'm sure the Hype will fill with Love songs, just as it filled with tracks from the Madcap Laughs when Syd Barrett died. I wonder if that oldspouses' tale of death's tripartite longing, the dreaded dying in threes, will be vindicated. Who's next?

Anyhoo. I'll be writing about philosophy next week. I have to work on my MA thesis and I'll have to do some more philosophy to do that. Be advised.