07 July 2006

Eddie Griffin

This is mostly a non sequitur, but this story about NBA player cum actor Eddie Griffin (kind of old news if you're a sports fan) is hilarious. The lawsuit's legalesse description of the accident is even more hilarious.
Defendant Griffin was under the influence of alcohol and negligently not paying attention to the direction of travel ahead of him due in part to the fact he was watching a pornographic DVD which was displayed on a mounted in-dash DVD player, located near the steering column, in his Escalade video. He was manually manipulating his genitals which he described to a witness, after the accident, as “jacking off.” DVD jackets with pornographic titles “Anal Action” and “Privates” were seen in the driver/passenger area of the vehicle. The items were viewed by the officers at the scene, whereupon they laughed.
(Thanks, Deadspin.)