26 July 2006

Fasting + Culture of Life

What was ruminated during a late night drinking session turned into a competition amongst friends; then it turned into something more... I've been fasting (only on the second day, now) along with my housemate, Robin. As went over supra, the fast has now taken on the characteristic of a proxy hunger strike for those who can't, i.e., the detainees in Guantanamo Bay detention center. I know that this is old news,
The hunger strikers are restrained during the feeding. "But of the people I've seen, they're smiling when they're putting the tubes down, not struggling. They tell the nurse which nostril to put it in."
but tyranny never jumps the shark (unfortunately). There is no concept to which facts must fit: Look at the current culture of life, which on the one hand peddles death, and on the other hand deprives human beings of their only human dignity--freedom. Life isn't at the essence of humanity for it goes without saying that the human is alive. This statement ('I am alive') is similar to 'I know I have two hands'. They're both out of place in most contexts. When life is foisted upon the human, the context really should be looked after closely. It's probably a very strange one.