14 July 2006

Guitar Hero + Led Zeppelin

Enough confessionalism. Here's some more mindless drivel from Stylus. (I've never played this game, and I don't particularly like gettin' the Led out; but this just cracked me up.) On the list of Top 10 Songs Tragically Snubbed by Guitar Hero. Kind of like what a middle schooler would write on the back of his notebook. (Right down to the title: "Tragically"??) Still, laugh I did. [Spoiler alert!]

01. Led Zeppelin: “Black Dog”

Unbelievable. Led Zeppelin, a god among bands, absent from Guitar Hero. I’m not entirely sure how to address this atrocity. Let me take a deep breath here. Gather, gather, focus. Gather, gather, focus. OK. “Black Dog” gets this spot because it’s like Plato’s Ideal of an effective Guitar Hero song.