19 March 2007

What's Up with that!? Missed Connections Edition

And now we bring you the first What's Up with that!?, a new then no sound column in which we ask the question, what's up with that!?

What's up with posters posting non-missed connections matters in the missed connections section of craigslist? Case in point:

Thanks for dumping on me - m4w - 40


to: pers-296320354@craigslist.org
Date: 2007-03-18, 7:12PM

Thanks for using me for the last 5 years as your alternate fall back to get a man..Well you can't do it anymore now you got pregnant with someone else...and you will have to dump your shit on sombody else from now on.....what you did was cruel and hatefull and vindictve and I'm sure right now and would never have thought of it before this that you are laughing to yourself..especially now that you gave me the news in such a cold and distant manner...I was there for you in your time of real need..and now you shit on the person who stood next to you at that time....so go ahead and laugh..but all you did to me, someone who just brought you love was to hurt for your own selfish reasons..

Location: Earth

Right. Our only comment will be a quotation from the above matter: "Location: Earth."