23 April 2007

Katherine Mansfield's Spirit was Awesome

Thanks to bookslut for pointing out this meme. We just simply positively very strangely but most pleasingly, like as in for instance when you have a very private memory that might be just like a point, a memory-point pure position with no extension about which a feeling lingers and your mind kind of reaches out to this point every now and then, or bumps up against it, and it makes you feel the feeling that lays around it--that's how this picture makes me feel. We printed it out and pinned it to our cubicle.

Katherine Mansfield's spirit was awesome

The picture is from the article (where the blog post-eponymous caption is). You can find her stories here. (I <3 Project Gutenberg.) We believe we've found a zeitgeist, a movement behind which to get. Get behind us or get run over by us.