26 April 2007

Update Re: Dan Stafford

Fuck Praise be Dan Stafford! Just moments ago, which you should realize means just moments after I sent two emails, Mr. Stafford replied,

Payne -

Holy goodness! All praise be to the highest, you sir, have been REMOVED
from the EA list.

Jumpin' Jehoshaphat, your long nightmare of receiving email from me, Dan
Stafford, is finally over. But you made it friend, you got to the other
side, hopefully preventing you from climbing the myriad skyscrapers next
to the ocean in which you would have dumped countless gallons of oil
(which according to my records would be quite a feat, since you live in
Albuquerque). Thankfully, you can forsake Libertarianism, and return to
being a liberal.

Enjoy your half-second of freedom sir, which, by my count adds up to
about a minute of your time I've wasted over the last year, ironically
that minute is significantly less time than it took for you to compose
your email to me, prompting my longer-than-a-minute email back.

Which reminds me - I do need to devote more of my time today to creating
yet another 'miserable excuse for a call to action', so I shall bid you


We like this guy! But we have to wonder, why does the environmental action or whatever it's called website lie about its forwarding these emails to people? Mr. Stafford??