02 May 2007

We <3 R Kelly

[R. Kelly abuses children, makes awesome songs; people make tribute mannequins of him.]

We love R. Kelly over here at then no sound. A post like this just adds redundant data points to a system that logically excludes outliers, facts that could diminish said love. A lot of people already knew this, but we can't spend all our time reading the Internets to track his moves--we're too busy contemplating the greatness that is R. Kelly.

R. Kelly has set aside the Trapped In The Closet hip-hopera (Chapters 13-22 out via DVD this July!) long enough to be touched by, and offer support for, the Virginia Tech tragedy. Kelly's releasing "Rise Up" digitally on May 15th, with Jive contributing 100% of the proceeds to the Hokie Spirit Memorial Fund, assisting Va. Tech victims and their families. The AP says that Kelly the ballad after "watching the events unfold on television while he was on tour."
We don't really care that R. is making a benefit track for VTech (heartless!); but we just about flipped our shit when we saw that he's making ten new chapters of In The Closet! We finally get to figure out that midget shit!